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Puerto Rican astrologist Walter Mercado and his astrology predictions have been an institution in Latino households for nearly 50 years. Growing up, we would wait to hear his predictions for our upcoming day. Basically, Mercado and his readings prepared us for our challenges and celebrated our victories. His flamboyant style has made him one of the most recognizable figures in our culture. Despite the stigma that is attached to people who live outside of gender norms, Mercado has always been able to claim a space for his message and has gained fans around the world during a five-decade career.

Recently, Mercado spoke about his legendary career , his gender identification and the new exhibit in honor of his work. According to Mercado, we all have the same feminine and masculine energies and can call upon them when needed. That I look feminine with a cape? Everyone knows we have two energies — yin and yang — and I know how to balance them.

If I have to be soft and subtle, I can be that, too. In the interview, Mercado also acknowledged the barriers he has broken through his presences in the Latinidad. Boys wear blue and girls wear pink…Why? Extreme gender conformity, machismo, and weak, submissive women, no, no, no, no.

We are humans; people have the right to think whatever they want. I follow my own path, and I am who I am.

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The limited-run exhibit is open from August 2ndth. At the grand opening, Mercado entered the event in true fabulos style — carried in on a golden throne-like the true celestial king he is while triumphant music played and fans cheered. These items will be on display for the first time ever. For many of us, the comfort Mercado has in his own skin is something we aspire to have. With this in mind, Mercado tries to share his love and positivity with his public.

People were thanking me for the prayer, and at that moment, I made the choice — since the prayer was so pure and beautiful — I would keep using it. I still use it so the public could continue to receive these blessings. By danielli January 8, at am. Share this story with all of your friends by tapping our little share buttons below!

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Predictions for 2018 by Renowned Puerto Rican Astrologer and Psychic Walter Mercado

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Legendary Astrologer Walter Mercado Wants You To Come Get A 'Touch Of Love' At HistoryMiami Exhibit

A man can no longer go on TV in glittering capes and a pound of foundation and expect viewers not to jump to one particular conclusion. He may not be out and proud, but like Dennis Rodman, a heterosexual queer, he can flame across the media all he wants because he delivers the product. And contact with the spiritual world is something people want even more than a good game of basketball. But flamboyance isn't a sideline spun off Mercado's main job, like it is for Rodman. It defines his public persona and surely wins him more fans than his astrological skills do.

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His look is almost a taunt, a dare to laugh. But the faithful don't dare scoff, afraid they'll piss off supernatural entities he might have an in with. This month, he advises Sagittarians who read Latina magazine to "Count on a marvelous lunar illumination of your love life by the new Moon on March 27," and it never gets much deeper than that. If he were a singer or an actor with such a swish look and limited range of material, he might get laughed off the stage, but in this case, who wants to take the chance?

A career in the English-language market seems to be his for the asking, but his first crossover attempt--the book Beyond the Horizon: Visions of a New Millennium, which came out last year and is in the midst of a second promotional push--downplayed the very flamboyance that makes him a marketer's dream come true. A lucid reiteration of common New Age beliefs about life in the coming millennium, Beyond the Horizon is far more convincing than his horoscopes. The premise is familiar: We're now in a painful transitional period between the ages of Pisces and Aquarius.

While the age of Pisces was marked by selfishness and war and capped off with the bombing of Hiroshima, the age of Aquarius will bring peace, honesty, the development of new psychic abilities, and even contact with beings on other planets. Combining familiar occult authorities such as Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce with a far-reaching patchwork of scientific, cultural, and historical sources, Beyond the Horizon would make a useful introductory text for those same seekers who made a best-seller out of James Redfield's spirituality for dummies The Celestine Prophecy.

It could even steer them toward deeper reading rather than an endless line of merchandising. Solidly written and admirably respectful of its popular audience's intelligence, it succeeds on its own terms but disappoints by bearing little of Mercado's distinctive touch.

Estas son las predicciones de Walter Mercado para cada signo durante el 2019

As a book topic, the coming age of Aquarius can't really compete with the here-and-now mystery that is Walter Mercado. But the psychic stuff has always been the dull part, the part he's wisely played down while emphasizing looks and personality. He's a more-than-competent author for a book of this sort, but as a pop personality he exceeds mere competence and is practically unrivaled. People can find whatever they want to know about astrology by going to the library, but for the story of Walter Mercado we have no choice but to go to the source.

Unfortunately, there's little personal content in Beyond the Horizon. It seems gravely wrong for a book by this author not to include a photo section, but we only see him twice, first in a rather subdued cover shot and again on the back page's plug for his psychic hotline. The few personal anecdotes he includes in Beyond the Horizon mostly deal with his childhood in Puerto Rico, where he was known as Walter of Miracles, "the child who could see into people's pasts and futures, who knew the causes of their illnesses and the way to their cures.

He writes, "I at first didn't realize that I was different," but doesn't tell how and when he found out. Elsewhere he devotes just two paragraphs to his relationship with his spirit guide, an "asexual being of light" who first appeared to him in December to tell him he "had been chosen to be an instrument, that it was my mission to use my powers to help guide others through this very difficult time in which we live. Most autobiographical content here is between the lines, including a possible explanation of his look. Clothes clearly preoccupy him; it's a subject he keeps returning to in Beyond the Horizon, frequently advising us not to let old age-of-Pisces concerns like fear of disapproval dictate our choice of dress: "Why should you want to wear the clothes that everyone else is wearing if you don't like the way they look on you?

Why should you always hide your face behind makeup and lipstick? He writes rather movingly about the Aquarian outlook for "true love, total love, that is neither limited by traditions nor restricted by conventions," but that apparently still dares not speak its name.

Mercado can be a guide to us in these difficult times, as his asexual being of light says, but in more concrete, hands-on ways than he's attempted in his book. He's an expert at crossing over--from the spiritual worlds to ours, from male to female--so it's a little surprising that the book fails to translate his appeal for an English-language audience. The choice of medium is partly to blame; Mercado is clearly made for television, and hopefully he'll soon be allowed to prove that his broadcast formula will also work in English.