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Your Personal Month: Your Personal Month pertains to the year you are living in from January to December, Regardless of the month and day of your birth. We each have a monthly vibration as well as yearly cycles. So, first find your Yearly Cycle number, then read the monthly vibration for that yearly cycle. Calendar - Months — Numbers: January To find your yearly cycle: add the Personal Year Number, which is 8 for , to the Calendar month and birthday. You will be surprised and astonished as to how this will reveal what you are doing and what you will need to do during the current month.

January, February, March, etc. Events Current Month november This workshop series will take you into deeper levels of Spiritual Awareness; which will be useful when applied to your everyday life during this time of change and preparation for The classes are a process.

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The classes are a process; therefore you cannot take only individual classes. Workshop to be held in the North Austin, Texas area.

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For the purpose of privacy, you will be given the exact location when you sign up. A book list for the workshop will be provided when you sign up. How to prepare yourself for the days to come, using visualization techniques and meditation. The Angels that assist your personal Ascension. The new Amber Aura.

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    Transforming irritations into joy. Raising your vibration levels. Bring a pillow and a blanket. Listen live! Every Sunday at 11pm Eastern 8pm Pacific.


    Authors and well-known teachers will be guests on the show weekly. PodCasts of previous shows available! Android Apple. I know who I am I know what I am I know how I serve I have the voice of sanity and clarity within me. When I remember, I am transported. When I remember, I am transported to an inner reality of what is True and this Light fills my being with peace and purpose.

    I give relentlessly, allow myself to receive, and Love myself for who I am. I am safe, I am free, I am responsible for my thoughts, actions and wellness. Joyously, I embrace my Spiritual Frontier.

    She transmits this pure energy from Source. Healing has occurred simply by being in her presence, or by voice activation, or vibration. She is a popular, gifted speaker on the unknown mysteries, higher realities, and higher wisdom. There are scientific claims as well to back up the correlation between birthstones and far reaching influence wielded by them in respect of human life.

    Know your birthstone based on your birthday Enter your birth date and time of birth to find the right birth stone for you. Birth Date Year Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Day 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 This is also considered as the best quantity of Number 1s to have. Such people may have a duality when it comes to their personality. But one thing is for sure that such people are outgoing and entertaining many famous entertainers have this combo.

    Coming back to the ambivalence — people with three Number 1s may either be complete chatterboxes or they may be quiet and introspective. The truth is that they are actually both, and their personality manifestation depends on situation. Sensitive and caring, such people are frequently misunderstood, as they tend to be quite inexpressive.

    Life Path Number 9

    Verbal expression is not one of their better qualities, because of which they tend to be misfits among groups and find it hard to relax and simply let go. An absence of ability to verbally express oneself is stark in these natives, and they may even face enormous difficulty on account of this. They also stand a high chance of being misunderstood due to this inability. Such people, however, may be very creative and may use such forms for inner-expression like music, dance or painting. There is also a possibility of over-indulgence of any kind. It is the third most common number in the Chinese Astrology charts.

    Such people tend to be quite sensitive and intuitive, but can also be easily hurt. The famous astrologer and the doomsday naysayer Nostradamus was born with one 2 in his chart. Such people who have two 2s in their charts are highly intelligent and sensitive. Born with a superb intuition, they end up benefiting immensely from this prowess of theirs. Very much like the people with one 2 in their charts, these people also tend to be masters at detecting and assessing the motivations of others.

    Such people tend to go overboard with their sensitive side, may experience premonitions, may easily get hurt and may also give others an impression of being aloof. Prone to living in a world of their own, they loathe socialising and spending time with others as they are afraid of getting hurt. Impatient and rash, these people have a tendency to over-react to small problems.

    11:11 (numerology)

    Extremely sensitive introverts, they prefer to spend time by themselves, rather than risk getting hurt because of others. Some great scientists like Louis Pasteur come under this category. Born with an incredible sensitivity, such people find it hard to deal with their own self doubt and the world at large. Lack of self confidence and trust in others are also the marked qualities of such people. Placed at the top left-handed position of the chart, at the beginning of the Mental Plane, Number 3 is also the final number of the Thought Row.

    It is largely related to the intellectual ability of a person, and also to the ability to think clearly, lucidly and rationally. It is also a happy and positive number. An excellent memory and a marked creative streak are the prominent gains of people who possess one Number 3 in their Numerology chart. A positive, yet a practical, realistic approach towards the attainment of their goals and an honest optimism towards life set them apart from others, and even make them a source of inspiration for others.

    The famous Elvis Presley was born with such a chart. Mentally alert and creative, such people are quite imaginative and love their eccentricity and a crazy streak that allows them to be unconventional. Giving the native an ability to express well in words, this combination allows people to excel in creative and literary fields, and many such people may be writers. Such people appear as aloof and remote, and find it hard to relate to others and usually are bad listeners. Even though they possess an excellent mental faculty, their tendency to remain in a dream world proves disadvantageous for them.

    They may even be argumentative and petty, at times. This rarely found combination makes the natives extremely impractical, timid, fearful and super-dreamy. The imagination of these people tends to be so strong that it is difficult for them to step out of it into the real world, and confront the day-to-day chores and demands of routine. A number that is practical and hard-working, 4 is associated with the qualities of labour and hands-on practical approach. It also indicates balance. No wonder that the natives with this number tend to be neat, tidy, prim and proper. People with this combination in their Numerology chart tend to be practical, earthy and basically good with manual work.

    A more than practically needed emphasis on theories and imagination makes them impatient. The digit also relates to work like handicrafts and pottery, and even instrumental music. Such people also are good organizers. Born with excellent organizational skills, such people love the task of initiating a task and carrying it to the end, Accurate, conscientious and prim, these people make great managers, and may even be sculptors or someone great at origami.

    However they may be inclined to become overly involved in superficial, physical and materialistic pursuits, at the expense of fun or spiritual pursuits. Almost exclusively given to material, practical and physical pursuits, people with such a combination find it hard to attend to any other sphere of their lives. Organized to the T, these people are self-disciplined and hard working.

    Their abilities may be apparent to others, but they themselves may frequently be unable to realise their natural talents, and may end up working in roles or jobs where they are misfits. An extremely rare placement, it is rarely found. Such people, if any, are totally immersed in physical activities. Anything to do with intellectual or spiritual domain is beyond their understanding.

    They also possess enormous capability at any task that needs working using hands. But such people may be susceptible to damage or injury to their lower limbs. The Number 5 occupies the central position in the Numerology chart. It is an indicator of mental balance and emotional stability, and also relates to freedom of the spirit. Emotionally stable and balanced, people with one Number 5 in their chart find it easy to motivate and inspire others. Their compassionate and caring nature allows them to positively reinforce others in a manner that makes them achieve and perform much more than they otherwise would have.

    Intense, emotional and determined, people with two 5s in their Numerology chart tend to be extremely enthusiastic and driven about whatever they do or possess. This generally makes them passionate, and sometimes even obsessed. This means that they may have difficulties containing the barrage of emotions they experience. This may lead to certain regrettable situations and outbursts, which may even disturb their lives and balance. Blessed with an unrelenting drive, boundless energy and a streak for risk-taking, excitement and adventure, these people really need to channelise this vast reserve in the right direction.