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Aquarius Workshops is founded by Marion D. Robert Hand becomes one of the first astrologers to acquire a microcomputer and conceives an astrological computer service. The Antiquity 2.

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Larousse Encyclopedia of Astrology by Brau, Jean Louis e.a

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Brady has proposed a model of astrology based on analogies with chaos theory. A chaotic system has nothing to do with the usual definition of chaos; it is one so sensitive to initial conditions that outcomes can be predicted only if the initial conditions are known with essentially impossible accuracy. Could astrology really be chaotic? In case these few seconds are not enough, there is more on Brady after the end of the article it is not part of the article.

Brady's analogies include the following: Just as strange attractors pull chaotic systems into repeating patterns, so chart factors pull their owners into repeating patterns. Similarly, just as bifurcations mark where chaotic systems change from one pattern into another, so chart factors can predict the patterns but not which one will be chosen. Just as chaotic systems are too complex to yield to the statistical approach, so with birth charts.

But a real chaotic system involves an exchange of energy otherwise nothing can interact and is therefore by definition causal. Clearly Brady's "chaotic astrology" has nothing to do with real chaos, and is just another attempt to dress astrology in fancy clothes to hide the fact that nothing has actually changed. It still requires the assumption of as above so below , and is therefore open to the same philosophical problems as before.

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Astrology and physical forces Over the centuries various people, not always astrologers, have argued that astrology may have a physical basis. Most recently the astronomer Percy Seymour has put forward a geophysical explanation for astrology, or at least the Gauquelin findings, claiming that "critics could not conceive of a mechanism by which these [planetary] results could be understood. This was his theory of magnetospheric resonance. But neither this nor any other physical theory could possibly apply to astrology because there is often nothing for physical forces to act on, as when the subject is a company or a country or a question, or when actual planetary positions no longer exist as in progressed charts and returns.

In any case his theory is not needed to explain the Gauquelin findings, see The Gauquelin Work 2. Finally, as in all astrologies, the assumption of as above so below is in conflict with scientific explanations. Conflict with scientific explanations Findings in the relevant areas of astronomy, biology and psychology conflict with astrological claims in three ways.

These explanations are explored further on this website in Artifacts in data and Artifacts in reasoning. Of course new scientific findings might reverse this picture. But the existing scientific findings are built on a body of investigation immensely greater than that for astrology, and the evidence needed to overturn such a huge volume of work would have to be extremely powerful.

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  5. This alone is a strong argument for caution when considering claims about astrology as a source of meaning. Bills RE Macoy, Richmond VI. Campion N Mundane prediction: possibilities, problems and answers.

    by Brau, Jean Louis e.a

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    Appendix: Disagreement on astrology's fundamental hypothesis Some examples, starting with spiritual astrologers: Gregory Szanto sees it as a link between our outer physical expression where we have free will and our inner spiritual nature set by God that allows us to achieve harmony with the universe. That leaves spiritual causes, for insight on which we can turn to John Addey: John Addey and the spiritual cause of astrological effects John Addey was the leading British astrologer of his day and was one of astrology's leading experimenters.

    The analogy is so appealing that we may miss the flaw: Just as the idea of water does not explain why a ship should or should not float for this we need other ideas such as relative density , so the idea of Formal causes does not explain why a birth chart should or should not match the person. But others have fared no better: Is astrology chaotic? References Addey JM A New Study of Astrology.

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