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When Tony Walsh had a persistent cough for a few weeks, he put it down to a flu.

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It turned out he had lung cancer and he's now backing calls for If your daughter is entering secondary school, you'll undoubtedly have heard about the HPV vaccine which is administered to thousands of first-year One in three people will develop cancer in their lifetime and coping with this horrific disease can When special needs assistant Esther Galvin noticed that one of her nipples looked a bit odd, she checked her breast - and found a lump. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in Ireland with almost 11, diagnoses made a year.

Prostate and breast cancer also affect high numbers of the population, with bowel and lung cancers With an appetite for adventure, Dubliner Cathy Moore had great plans for her 50th year; among them were trips to Disneyland Paris, San You couldn't put it any other way.

Postman Michael O'Donoghue saved his own life through little more than a hunch. A recent survey which showed that one in seven people with cancer feel they have no close friends they can talk to about their disease comes as no By one in two of us will be diagnosed with some form of cancer but while these statistics are shocking to say the least, advances in medical A young woman who is battling incurable cancer spoke passionately about why she is advocating And while nobody wants to be Before they finish the module, Living With Cancer 'It was horrendous I felt like a spectator in my own condition' - dealing with Living With Cancer.

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It comes as thousands more women, on top of the 8, already identified, are to be contacted to inform them they are at risk of developing the cancer of the immune system.

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The HSE said the risk was low and if the cancer was diagnosed and treated early it had a very good recovery rate. Around 8, women treated in public hospitals would have undergone the breast implant operations after mastectomies for breast cancer. Others had them inserted following the removal of breasts for preventive reasons due to their genetic risk of cancer.

About breast cancer

However, thousands more women in private hospitals would have had similar surgery. And others had implants for cosmetic reasons in clinics. The HSE said it was asking women with breast implants and tissue expanders to be aware of the signs and symptoms of the rare form of cancer called breast implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma BIA-ALCL. The majority, though not all cases of BIA-ALCL which have been diagnosed in women in other countries, involved implants manufactured by Allergan with an implant surface called Biocell.

The HPRA confirmed it received 14 reports which may potentially related to breast implant illness. Breast implant illness can include joint pain, rashes, memory loss, brain fog and other symptoms.

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A spokesman said the HPRA was not in a position to comment on a case of the rare cancer for confidentiality reasons. The HSE advised symptoms could include swelling in the area of the implant, new uneveness between the size of breasts and discomfort. Less common symptoms include a hard lump beside or near the implant and lumps in the armpit on the same side.

The HPRA said the risk of developing the rare cancer "has been shown to be more common than first thought but it still remains a rare condition".

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The degree of risk of developing the disease appears to be related to the degree of surface texturing. A recent scientific journal estimated that there is one case for every 3, of these specific implants.

The Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons said implants were safe but had very rare, sometimes serious side effects. If a woman is concerned about symptoms, she should consult her surgeon. Ralph Riegel The Health Service Executive HSE has apologised to the family of a talented jockey who died following a fall in a point-to-point race after acknowledging that his care in hospital fell below expected Probe over cancer link to breast implants Stock picture.

These are textured implants that are popular because they are easier to position in the breast.