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This will be an exchange link: You must also provide the URL web address on your website where we will find Horoscopes Within. Your link will be reviewed; however, Horoscopes Within makes no guarantee that it will be added. Links are periodically reviewed. If we find that our link has been removed from your site, your link will be removed from Horoscopes Within. The entire curriculum is based on Astrology. Software for Planetary Aspects and Transits Windows software to calculate and display aspects between planets at a given date, personal transits for a given birth date, and synastry for two birth dates.

Has graphical and dynamical displays and supports both tropical and sidereal zodiacs. AstroStar Astrology and more -Astrology, horoscopes, and metaphysical resources and articles. Topics include soul mates, numerology, Feng Shui, advice, oracles, tarot and more. ZET - Astrology Software for Windows ZET is a powerful astrology program for the professional astrologer, an effective resource for astronomy students, and a wonderful training tool for beginners. ZET combines both astronomical and astrological functions, with lots of astronomical data and graphical information.

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It's up to you to walk through! My Cosmic Wheel An astrology and divination web site with free daily horoscopes and personal tarot card readings.

Online book store and free resource information. Kofutu Personal Growth, Meditation and Spiritual Healing: Access deeper levels of spiritual understanding through the use of Kofutu symbols. Learn Kofutu techniques for healing yourself and others. Classroom and home study courses are available. The people of that time, not being so wise as you young folks, were content in their simplicity to hear an oak or a rock, provided only it spoke the truth.

The recording of oracles was one of the earliest uses of writing in Greece. About 4, lead tablets have been found, dating from the sixth to the second century B. Since lead is soft and pliable, the tablets were generally rolled or folded, their contents concealed inside. Some were palimpsests: queries written and overwritten, Etch-a-sketch style, upon the malleable lead.

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Some of the tablets contain answers, but most contain only questions. Unlike the oracle at Delphi, which was often consulted regarding significant political matters, Dodona dealt mainly with smaller, more private wonderings: Shall I be a fisherman? Kleotas asks Zeus and Dione whether it is better and profitable for him to keep sheep. Lysanias asks Zeus and Dione whether the child with which Annyla is pregnant is his. Archie was followed by the Gopher index systems of file names, then Veronica and Jughead though Archie was not originally intended to reference the comic book character , which searched them.

In September of came W3Catalog, the earliest rudimentary search engine. The creation of Ask Jeeves, the human-powered query search engine that later became Ask. Though Oracle probably pays for its prominence in search results, I imagine that PageRank is also partially responsible: that places more frequently cite, and users more frequently visit, pages concerning a powerful corporation than those devoted to an ancient mode of prophecy. Geologists recently identified the intersection of two major faults beneath the Delphi temple that may have emitted hallucinatory gases, so the priestesses really may have had visions of a sort, which is to say that they may have been high on ethylene.

And the scientific revolution reduced astrology from science to pseudoscience.

Science may have debunked astrology, but new media has, in a way, revived it. The popularity of newspaper horoscopes beginning in the s provided a new way for astrology to reach people.

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There are online psychic readings, online astrological chart-makers, online voodoo spells. At first glance, there is little to recommend them.

They are inherently random, removing even the traces of will present in a real-life tarot reading: touching the cards, shuffling, cutting the deck. But the digital cards give me a quick and dirty way of addressing questions whose answers lie beyond my control What will the next year of my life be like? Is he going to text me back?

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I do, nevertheless, ask the internet plenty of questions that would probably be best channeled elsewhere. I ask about my body and my apartment and my computer and my heart and I understand why a desperate person might Google where are my keys. It seems natural that it should have all of the answers we seek. After all, it knows us pretty well. The more we ask questions about ourselves and buy things for ourselves , the more our search histories become a kind of personal history.

As we cast out hopes, anxieties, fears, and shopping lists into the algorithmic void, the void is amassing an aggregation of data so thorough that it seems conceivable that eventually I could ask Google what I want—about anything—and it would know. Or maybe it already does.