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Click here for Patrick's free daily Love horoscopes! You need a horoscope compatibility report? Sun sign compatibility is enough? In March there will be different opportunities to begin enterprises or join partnership with a successful business. Natives of first decan of Aquarius: Many forms of energy are known: Which can be the form of energy which could correspond to the so-called astral influences put forward by astrology? Then, what is the nature of the astral influences presupposed by astrology which would act on the individuals at the moment of their birth why not the moment of their conception would this be an indiscretion?

How would these influences act on the humans and why only on the humans? What are the physical laws, which govern these so-called astral influences and how do they evolve according to the distances, the masses or other parameters? Why could close bodies people, buildings, cars, trees, etc. Why, on the contrary, could very distant bodies stars, galaxies, galaxy clusters In addition, what to say of other bodies present in the Solar system asteroids, comets, natural and artificial satellites, interplanetary dust, radiation, etc.

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It would thus be necessary to explain clearly why these astral influences would only exist for the Sun, the Moon and some planets, whereas the immense majority of the celestial bodies would not act at all on the human beings. In the same way, it would have to be specified if these so-called influences only act on the human beings and then, why? A clear response to this problem was never given. Any scientific experiment worthy of the name has indeed never confirmed the so-called astral influences, which are neither forces, nor energies.

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Statistical studies undertaken in an objective and honest way always showed that astrology only worked by pure coincidence and that the signs or planets did not have a particular influence on the destiny of an individual. For example, a statistical study was very seriously carried out in in California, United States, with the agreement of forty astrologers, among the most famous. This study, which used a series of double blind tests Carlson, S.

However, some statistics, which are too far away from impartiality, or even knowingly distorted, could sometimes show the opposite.


After analysis, it was always shown that these statistics had been arranged, even falsified, in order to reach such a result. We are far from the honesty and the objectivity of any correctly carried out scientific process What gives the astrologers the right to run the life of other humans? If astrology only defined an ordinary psychological profile, it would already enter in conflict with scientific psychology but would not be dangerous.

However, the current evolution of a kind of astrology towards a more or less complete intervention in the life of the individual is completely inadmissible and intolerable, even dangerous, as a number of astrologers substitute themselves, in an absolutely illegal way, for psychologists, medical doctors, or even therapists. Some astrological practices, which are too much promoted through the media, violate the elementary bases of ethics.

Would you accept that somebody you do not known claimed to know you completely and gave himself the right to lead your life in an arbitrary way, for better or for worse? Even if, for most of astrologers, "the heavenly bodies are inclining, but not determining" , the astrological determinism, partial or absolute, is clearly opposed here to the free will, which is the inalienable right of each human having lived or living on our planet.

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Astrology is thus, in a doctrinal way, much too deterministic, as it reduces the free will of each human being. As well, this observation led various churches, in particular the Catholic Church, to reject any credibility to any kind of astrology, as the determinism, even astrological, is contrary to the religious concept of free choice for the salvation of each individual.

The use of astrology for recruitment by some industrial and commercial companies, which is currently illegal, violates the fundamental principles of the human rights. This indeed recalls in a most unpleasant way some of the shameful practices applied during the Occupation, the darkest period of French history. Astrology is also far too often used by some sects, the major goal of which is the total control of the human being and of his spirit by an omnipotent guru. Astrology, which has been built since its origin on completely irrational bases, is thus undoubtedly classified among the false sciences and cannot in any case be classified as a real science.